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About Us

Our History

We have been established as a repair shop on County road in Walton since 2005 and we are Liverpool's oldest repair shop with at least 10 years on site experience.
We moved into our current repair shop (from 150 County Road) in September 2014 as our customer portfolio grew and we needed a more professional work area to handle the current load of work for customers phones and iPhone's.

Our Staff

We currently have two on site repair technicians and one customer service adviser. 
Phil is the business owner and has been with the business since 2005 with over 10 years experience repairing all issues that affect phones, specifically Apple iPhones.
Brian has been with us since 2014 having owned his own repair shop for over 4 years again dealing in phone and iPhone repairs.
Livvy has been with us since 2015 and deals with our customers face to face and deals in general enquiries on the telephone.

The Business

The business as a whole is primarily based on customer service, value for money and quality of repairs.
We believe that to succeed as long as we have we have had to implement certain benefits and offers for our customers such as a minimum 3 month guarantee on repairs, within the hour repairs or paying extra for replacement parts so that we know our repairs are at least AAA+ standard.
Moving forward to we hope to continue with our excellent reputation and to offer our customers more benefits not found anywhere else.

Key Benefits

Having been in the game of repairing phones and iPhone's for over 10 years now, we understand that customers want a certain type of standard of repair, so we set the standard for all repairs that most other repair shops now use.
These are:

  • Within the hour iPhone repairs (generally we can repair your iPhone within the hour. Screen repairs take less than 6 minutes, charger ports less than 5 minutes, battery replacements less than 5 minutes, button repairs around 30 minutes, etc)
  • 3 month guarantee on all repairs (we like to give peace of mind with all our repairs. We know that sometimes issues can happen, for example a part might be faulty so we give you a 3 month guarantee so if any issues do arise we will resolve it for you)
  • Genuine & High quality copy parts (we understand everyone is on a budget these days so generally speaking most of our replacement parts are high quality copies. However, if a customer requests a genuine part fitted we can do that too within 24 hours. We 'don't' claim our parts are genuine when there not and we can guarantee no shop in Liverpool can match our prices using genuine parts so be careful who you trust)
  • English repair shop (its hard enough getting a repair sorted and its even harder if there is a language barrier which is why our shop is 100% english run and all staff are local scousers)
  • Established over 10 years (anyone can open a repair shop and watch a few youtube videos and claim to fix Apple iPhones, but what customers want is experience. Not experience fixing their computer at home, but daily on site experience in day to day repairs. That's why we pride ourselves on within the hour repairs, we have done so many and know iPhone's in and out we can do it in our sleep).
  • Open 6 days a week (we guarantee to be open 6 days a week 9am till 6pm and Saturdays 9am till 4pm so there is always some way our customers can get into us for repair)
  • Collect & drop off service (we operate a great same day within the hour Liverpool collection and drop off service for your iPhone repairs and it only costs an extra £10)
  • Fully insured (we are fully insured so your iPhone is protected whilst being repaired with us. If you wish to double check this were more than happy to provide our insurance certificate).
  • No fix no fee (at times no matter how much we try sometimes we just cant fix your iPhone. This is more suited for liquid damaged phones. So no matter how long we have been working on your iPhone we don't charge any labor if it can't be repaired).
  • Always contactable (were open 6 days a week and customers can call our repair shop, however out of hours were always available via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., facebook, twitter and Google+ for any questions for your iPhone repair)

There is so many benefits to using us for your repair we could be here all day, but the above are our main key points and we feel that this gives us the edge as a business for your iPhone repair in Liverpool.

Contact Information

Customers can call us anytime between 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9am to 4pm on 0151 530 1050 or if your more of a face to face person your more than welcome to pop down to our modern repair shop at 181 County Road, Liverpool, Walton, L4 5PB (were next door to the famous Tropicana chip shop).